by : Drs. Cukup Wibowo

It is undeniable if someone says that everyone is a teacher. That is because anyone will be able to teach in the manner and knowledge they have. Teaching is indeed an art, teaching is an art. Naturally, if then there are teachers who are so impressed with their skills in managing the class. Class becomes a stage for a teacher. His body is a scenario that contains any play. On his body the audience listened to the gestures and textures of his marvelous sentences. If the actor manages to demonstrate what the actor plays for all the material he has to deliver, then the audience's fascination called “the learners” will be able to fully explain what the actor has done. The contents of the story and even the acting details of the actor of the scenario will be able to be told with all the semicolons. Actors and viewers are always in a straightforward transaction, namely meeting ability and satisfaction.
Yes, that it is, students are regular and definite spectators by their routine and continuous existence. And because of that, they are listeners who have the right to the conclusion of the spectacle. If the class has to be concluded, then reason is always needed to make a conclusion that is not merely subjective. Classes need comparisons, just as cinema presents shows with various conclusions in the eyes of the audience, which is not just a variety of expectations. Don't serious comedy or drama shows have their own fans?
That is why being a teacher in the proper sense certainly requires seriousness. Needs prerequisites for measurable professionalism. A teacher is not a magician, who can create teaching creations on the basis of bim salabim. Henry Brooks Adams, a historian, literary, journalist and writer of the United States, who is so well known in his era, portrays the teacher as someone who influences eternity; he will never even say where his influence stopped.
That's how great the teacher is described. If the teacher is a picture of us, about the story we are now demonstrating when interacting with listeners for knowledge, advice, and the mandate of life, then there is no other choice but to ensure ourselves to be able to take all the attention of the listeners. Of course not only in physical interaction, but also psychic that makes mysticism interrelationships can be formed with very strong. That interrelation can produce relationship ties in a way of mutual respect, as well as mutual respect for each other's position.
It is really amazing to be a teacher. Therefore, if we are in fact a teacher, the actions we must continue to correct are self-confidence to be able to radiate answers to the hopes of the listeners. In the way we as teachers when teaching, the formula is actually simple, we use a quarter of it to prepare, and three-quarters we use as entertainers.

Kopajali, August 22, 2019


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